A self-descriptive stack-based PC platform
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Author: Luxferre <lux@ferre>
Date:   Fri, 12 Aug 2022 11:58:45 +0300

minor persist fix

MMakefile | 8++++----
MREADME.md | 6++++++
2 files changed, 10 insertions(+), 4 deletions(-)

diff --git a/Makefile b/Makefile @@ -16,20 +16,20 @@ tcc: perscopy apple2-build: cl65 --standard c89 -O -Os -t apple2 -o $(PROJNAME).apple2 $(CFILES) $(DFLAGS) -apple2: apple2-build perscopy +apple2: apple2-build cp $(PBTDIR)/apple2/tpl.dsk $(PROJNAME).dsk java -jar $(PBTDIR)/apple2/ac.jar -p $(PROJNAME).dsk $(PROJNAME).system sys < $$(cl65 --print-target-path)/apple2/util/loader.system java -jar $(PBTDIR)/apple2/ac.jar -as $(PROJNAME).dsk $(PROJNAME) bin < $(PROJNAME).apple2 - java -jar $(PBTDIR)/apple2/ac.jar -dos $(PROJNAME).dsk $(PERSFILE) bin < $(PERSFILE) + java -jar $(PBTDIR)/apple2/ac.jar -dos $(PROJNAME).dsk $(PERSFILE) bin < $(PBTDIR)/$(PERSFILE) apple2enh-build: cl65 --standard c89 -O -Os -t apple2enh -o $(PROJNAME).a2enh $(CFILES) $(DFLAGS) -apple2enh: apple2enh-build perscopy +apple2enh: apple2enh-build cp $(PBTDIR)/apple2/tpl.dsk $(PROJNAME)-enh.dsk java -jar $(PBTDIR)/apple2/ac.jar -p $(PROJNAME)-enh.dsk $(PROJNAME).system sys < $$(cl65 --print-target-path)/apple2enh/util/loader.system java -jar $(PBTDIR)/apple2/ac.jar -as $(PROJNAME)-enh.dsk $(PROJNAME) bin < $(PROJNAME).a2enh - java -jar $(PBTDIR)/apple2/ac.jar -dos $(PROJNAME)-enh.dsk $(PERSFILE) bin < $(PERSFILE) + java -jar $(PBTDIR)/apple2/ac.jar -dos $(PROJNAME)-enh.dsk $(PERSFILE) bin < $(PBTDIR)/$(PERSFILE) perscopy: cp $(PBTDIR)/$(PERSFILE) $(PERSFILE) diff --git a/README.md b/README.md @@ -191,6 +191,12 @@ java -jar platform-build-tools/apple2/ac.jar -as equi.dsk equi bin < equi.a2enh This will build a bootable disk image with Equi for Apple II that can be tested on emulators or real hardware. +You can also add a 96K-sized `PERS.DAT` file shipped in the repo to use the persistent storage capabilities (done automatically with the Makefile target): + +``` +java -jar platform-build-tools/apple2/ac.jar -dos equi.dsk PERS.DAT bin < platform-build-tools/PERS.DAT +``` + The Makefile also provides a usual `apple2` target and the disk image will run on a "normal" Apple IIe, however the environment is not guaranteed to work correctly due to the way CC65 compiler converts string literals for this target. ## FAQ (under construction)