NameDescriptionOwnerLast commit
awk-gold-collectionMy best software created for POSIX AWK Luxferre2024-05-16 07:15
awlitePOSIX AWK port of Text Elite game Luxferre2024-01-30 17:02
bopher-ngA better Gopher client in pure Bash Luxferre2023-04-04 08:07
dale-8aCHIP-8 emulator in POSIX AWK Luxferre2023-05-11 15:40
databankrCasio Databank/Telememo record format encoder/decoder Luxferre2024-05-22 06:32
dotfilesMy personal dotfiles (see readme) Luxferre2024-03-15 08:07
equiA self-descriptive stack-based PC platform Luxferre2022-10-05 14:26
esopEssential Stack-Operated Phone (concept) Luxferre2022-10-05 14:29
frugalvoxA tiny VoIP IVR framework by hackers, for hackers Luxferre2023-03-01 09:29
jjy-pyJJY40 emulator in Python Luxferre2024-05-14 19:06
kisstronKISS-friendly Tron CLI wallet Luxferre2024-04-24 14:44
kopherA simple Gopher client for KaiOS Luxferre2023-04-03 17:03
nneNo-nonsense editor under 777 SLOC of ANSI C Luxferre2023-07-30 13:56
nnfcNo-nonsense FreeCell game Luxferre2024-01-18 10:30
nnscriptsno-nonsense shell script colection for Linux-based environments Luxferre2024-01-13 20:54
nntracNo-nonsense TRAC T-64 reimplementation under 1000 SLOC of ANSI C Luxferre2023-08-31 06:46
nrj-oiscNOR and Reference Jump OISC platform Luxferre2022-09-03 14:20
osmolA simple static Gopher server in OCaml Luxferre2023-09-20 17:45
rcvd-pyPython 3 port of RCVD project Luxferre2024-04-13 14:51
rcvdA JS library and a KaiOS 2.5.x application for BLE-enabled Casio watch time synchronization Luxferre2023-09-05 09:10
toxioTurn (almost) any CLI program into a Tox bot Luxferre2024-01-13 14:10