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diff --git a/README.md b/README.md @@ -9,7 +9,7 @@ This is a set of (mostly Linux-specific unless stated otherwise) various useful - `nnstatus.sh`: output useful status information to dzen2 panel (Xorg-specific but can be rewritten to use any other panel of your choice, depends on `nawk` or other AWK command, `iw` for WLAN stats, `amixer` for volume controls and xkb-switch for keyboard layout controls) - `nnstatus-stdout.sh`: same as `nnstatus.sh` but without interactivity and keyboard layout functionality, suitable for use in dvtm, a4 and other terminal-based tools with configurable status bar, as it just outputs the information line into the stdout - `nnkeys.sh`: shell-based multimedia keys manager daemon with a separate configuration file (see `nnkeys.conf` for an example), depends on `evtest`, `pkill` and AWK -- `ghmd.sh`: single-script solution for self-hosted Git repository management (see `ghmd.sh help` for all information) +- `ghmd.sh`: single-script solution for basic self-hosted Git repository management (see `ghmd.sh help` for all information) ## Credits