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Updated README about POSIX compatibility

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diff --git a/README.txt b/README.txt @@ -1,63 +0,0 @@ -nnfc: no-nonsense FreeCell game in under 300 SLOC of POSIX AWK --------------------------------------------------------------- -This is a simple and straightforward FreeCell implementation that adheres -to the POSIX AWK standard. Within <300 SLOC, it features: - -* simple line-oriented command prompt compatible with standard move notation; -* Unicode/ASCII card suit signs (Unicode by default); -* color/monochrome display selection (color by default); -* M$-FreeCell-compatible deal seeding by the game number; -* FreeCell Pro-compatible supermoves to move stacks of cards between columns; -* FreeCell Pro-compatible card autohoming ("safe autoplay" strategy); -* internal help screen. - -== How to run == - -The game is run as a usual AWK script: - -awk -f nnfc.awk [-v ASCII=1] [-v MONOCHROME=1] [-v SEED=xxxxx] - -Available parameters to pass to the script: - -* `-v ASCII=1`: display Latin letters (c, d, h, s) instead of UTF-8 suits -* `-v MONOCHROME=1`: disable colors when displaying cards (e.g. on e-ink) -* `-v SEED=xxxxx`: set the PRNG seed (game number) to start a predefined game - -== How to play == - -Once run, the game shows the current seed (game) number, the playfield with -all the cards in the traditional columnar layout and a command prompt. -Press Enter/Return after every command entry. - -Move commands are entered with two characters without any separator: - -* 0 or h is foundation/home cell (can be omitted and can only be the second) -* 1 to 8 are column (tableau) numbers -* a to d are freecell IDs - -Examples: - -* 7a: move from column 7 to freecell a -* 63: move (as many cards as possible) from column 6 to column 3 -* d1: move from freecell d to column 1 -* 4 (or 40, or 4h): move from column 4 to the foundation/home cell -* c (or c0, or ch): move from freecell c to the foundation/home cell - -Besides moves, the following commands are available: - -* h: display a help screen -* u: undo the last move (the history is saved from the beginning) -* r: restart (undo to the starting playfield) -* q: quit the game - -== Compatibility == - -Primary testing was done on nawk and busybox awk, but the game should work -correctly on mawk, gawk and any other POSIX-compliant AWK implementation. -Particularly, additional tweaking had been done to make sure the game works -correctly with gawk --posix and mawk -W posix flags. - -== Credits == - -Created by Luxferre in 2024. Released into public domain. -