No-nonsense editor under 777 SLOC of ANSI C
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diff --git a/README.md b/README.md @@ -138,7 +138,7 @@ As nne's text modification actions don't always operate on single characters, th ### Is it actually usable on a daily basis with such small code size? -Yes, the author had fully switched to it from Vim since Jul 29 2023. +Yes, the author had fully switched to it from Vim since Jul 29 2023. With that said, nne can't be considered ready for mission-critical systems, as there might be many edge cases that are not covered yet. Anyway, the best way to find hidden issues is to use the editor daily. ### Is there going to be any new functionality implemented (within the required limits)? @@ -152,6 +152,10 @@ It should not be hard. Most (if not all) changes are going to be related to term Because it can't guarantee that the external command won't kill the nne process itself. Thus, saving is enforced to preserve your data. Also, this shell runner feature is introduced for easy offloading of some functionality to external tools designed to do it much better than any in-editor features would allow, e.g. running `sed` to perform a global substitution on the very file we're editing right now. It would be a shame if this global substitution had been performed on an old copy of the file and any subsequent save had obliterated all the changes made by the external command. +### Why did you include a help screen in the editor itself? + +Because nne is expected to be equally accessible when distributed in all forms: this 3-file repo, a single C source file or a single statically-linked binary. One should not rely on the fact that external documentation like this README is always present. + ## Credits Created by Luxferre in 2023. Released into public domain.