A simple Gopher client for KaiOS
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diff --git a/README.md b/README.md @@ -8,6 +8,15 @@ Kopher is a really small (under 500 SLOC of HTML+JS) client to browse pages ("ho Structurally, Kopher is a KaiOS-specific frontend to the hi01379.js library which is developed under the same project. Both the library and the app are designed to be as lightweight as practically possible. +Installation is as usual, via WebIDE. For GerdaOS, you can prepare the `kopher.gpkg.zip` file as follows: + +``` +zip -9r --exclude=*.git* --exclude=*.DS_Store* --exclude=README.md ../application.zip . +cd .. +echo {\"version\": 1, \"manifestURL\": \"app://kopher.luxferre.top/manifest.webapp\"} > metadata.json +zip -9 kopher.gpkg.zip application.zip metadata.json +``` + ## Which KaiOS versions are supported? Tested on 2.5.x up to 2.5.4. Doesn't work on 1.0 (some bug with mozTCPSockets I'm not gonna investigate) and definitely won't work on 3.x. @@ -24,6 +33,7 @@ More specifically, as of now, Kopher has been tested on the following devices an - Nokia 8000 4G (2.5.4) *\* there is a bug with displaying Blob-type images on the sKai, so only the download option works correctly* + *\*\* install-via-FFBM trick; also, the system statusbar on the Doro is larger than usual, so the addressbar is a bit overlapped (doesn't hamper its readability)* N.B. If you want to debug Kopher to support KaiOS 1.0, make sure to replace the `'\u{1f310}'` reference in `js/app.js` with `'\uD83C\uDF10'` surrogate pair first.