My personal dotfiles (see readme)
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      1 Dotfiles
      2 --------
      4 This repo contains some of my main dotfiles required for living in a purely
      5 terminal environment. They depend on the following basic software installed:
      6 oksh, opendoas, ed, vi/vim, mpv, dtach/abduco, most, rlwrap, pass,
      7 pipe-viewer and twitch-chat-cli.
      9 Note: most was chosen as the $PAGER for additional compatibility with
     10 programs like sacc to ensure correct text document scrolling. The .exrc file
     11 is provided for usage with BusyBox-based systems with no vim or even ed,
     12 only vi.
     14 The .inputrc file contains a lot of general UX improvements as well as some
     15 ed-specific settings. Of course you need to use rlwrap with ed for them to
     16 take effect.
     18 The .aliases file contains useful command aliases to be sourced from your
     19 shell rc file (.bashrc, .kshrc, or .profile if you're using busybox). All
     20 aliases there are POSIX-compliant.
     22 Some more files will be added in the future.
     24 The dotfiles are released into public domain.