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diff --git a/README b/README @@ -113,6 +113,26 @@ set implementation bumps the version number by 0.1, indicating that it's no longer fully command-to-command compatible with the previous one. The first published awlite version was 1.5.8, meaning 8 minor improvements. +- If there are no combat missions or ranks, what are the goals in awlite? + +Like the original Elite and Text Elite, awlite has no end-game goal. There are, +however, some milestones you can achieve even now, for instance: + +* reaching a certain amount of credits; +* collecting certain amounts of rare valuable items; +* visiting all planets in all galaxies (2048 total); +* finding Raxxla (v1.6.1+ will give you a hint when you might have done so). + +As of now, player ranking system and statistics are in the works and planned +to be introduced in version 1.7 or 1.8. They're going to be unique to awlite. + +- I found an awesome trade route in awlite. Can I use it in other Elite games? + +As long as those games are based on the classic Elite universe with the same +basic algorithms, your routes should work there too. Of course, if you want to +use the same route in a non-text Elite game, then you must also consider other +difficulties such as police and pirate attacks. + - How large is awlite? As of now, the entire game is contained in a single file with a little under