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diff --git a/README b/README @@ -47,7 +47,7 @@ From now on, the following commands are available (case-insensitive): * rand: toggle between the AWK's native PRNG (default) and a custom one * quit: quit the game -The following commands are only available in cheat mode (-v CHEAT=1): +The following commands are only available in the cheat mode (-v CHEAT=1): * cash (number): add (number) to your cash balance * sneak (planetname): fly to planetname without spending fuel @@ -81,7 +81,24 @@ To be continued. This list is expected to grow in the future. == FAQ == -- Is this a one-to-one port of Bell's Text Elite? +- What is Text Elite anyway? + +Text Elite is a subset of the original Classic Elite for BBC Micro, first +implemented by Ian Bell in 1999, featuring trading only and text-based +interface. Quoting Ian Bell himself from his website: + +> Text Elite is a C implementation of the classic Elite trading system +> in a text adventure style shell. I originally coded this to formalise +> and archive the definition of the Classic Elite Universe, but have released +> it, with sources, now that Christian Pinder has publicly reverse engineered +> BBC Disk Elite trading into C. +> Text Elite is currently trading only. There is no risk of misjump, police, +> or pirate attack. + +As of now, the last published version of the original Text Elite is 1.5. +Its source code can be found here: + +- So, is this a one-to-one port of Bell's Text Elite? No. Although the original C source code was used as a base, porting was done by looking at *several* existing ports to understand the logic and basically @@ -92,7 +109,7 @@ instead of hexadecimal as POSIX AWK does not support hex literals. - Why do awlite versions start from 1.5.1 then? -Because awlite is versioned in terms of functionality. The direct one-to-one +Because awlite is versioned in terms of functionality. A direct one-to-one port would have the same 1.5 version, and every slight improvement adds a new subversion, i.e. bumps the version number by 0.0.1. Stable subversions tend to have even numbers, testing subversions tend to have odd numbers. Also, every @@ -105,6 +122,10 @@ As of now, the entire game is contained in a single file with a little under 500 SLOC of POSIX AWK code. Future functionality might increase the codebase size, but one of the goals is to keep it under 1000 SLOC no matter what. +- Why AWK? + +Because the current AWK gaming scene is rather poor (besides a handful of GAWK-specific games), and it is an interesting challenge to port such a title to an environment requiring nothing except a bare kernel and BusyBox to play it. + - Why did you keep the cheating commands present in the original? To preserve backward compatibilty with some trading scripts written for the